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Understand your goals, metrics and competitors


Create a bespoke Campaign


Manage, Optimize & Scale


We can also help out with the following

Landing Page & Funnel Optimization

Ads Copywriting

Creatives Design

Ad score Optimization

Keyword & Competitor Research

Conversion Rate Optimization

Negative Keywords Policing

Weekly Campaign Sanitation

Competitor Audiences

Conversion Scaling

Discovery Campaigns

Audience Building


Our Acquisition Channels

We can scale your campaigns across the most popular acquisition channels on Google
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  • Search Search
  • Display Display
  • Video Video
  • Calls & Forms Calls & Forms

Tools we can use

Google Data Studio

Google Analytics

Google My Business

Google Merchant Center

Google Optimize

Google Tag Manager


Why work with ClickMage

Our team will take care of your campaigns so that
you can focus on your business.
We research & understand your competition
Access to an account manager, ad copywriting
Quick Support & Replies
We Respect your Budget
We're simple to work with
Our staff has 12+ years of Experience & are certifiend by google ads


  • How long does it take to get started?

    Once the payment is completed, it takes around 2-3 days to get things up and running, depending on the amount of campaigns to create/optimize (Google takes 24h to review the ad campaigns). Remember that Google sets itself on learning mode and takes 7 days to try out the limits for its campaign's data, such as the lowest/highest CPC's according to your daily budgets, different geolocations, etc...

  • How long does it take to start getting leads?

    It depends on the industry, some niches such as ecommerce start getting leads in the form of sales within the first few days after the campaign launch, others are slower to start converting as we first need to get the conversion data and optimize from there. The first month is crucial to ‘purchase’ conversion data from Google Ads - within 30 days of running the campaigns, we will have a clear view where the cheapest leads come through - we will then know where to scale next.

  • What's your pricing/payment options?

    Click here to view Pricing - The payment options are any major Credit Cards paid straight on Paypal Invoices (You don't need a paypal account to pay them).

  • Are you Google Ads Certified?

    Yes, we're a Google Partner, you can click on the Google Partner logo at the top or bottom of the site and see our status.

  • Where are you located/based?

    We're incorporated in both the Americas ( Montreal, Canada ) and in the European Union (Gdansk, Poland).

  • Where's your staff located?

    Mostly in the Americas and the European Union - our staff is free to travel the world and work from anywhere they wish.

  • Are there any contracts?

    No contracts, clients pre-pay for the first 30 days and if they wish to cancel, they simply let us know.

  • How do refunds work?

    We do pro-rata refunds. For example , if we're in the half of the month and you wish to cancel, we will refund half of the month.

  • How fast do you reply?

    We always strive to reply as soon as possible, but depending on the task-stack we have at hand, we try to keep it in under 12h-24h.

  • Do I have an account manager?

    Yes, all clients have a friendly account manager for quick communications.

  • Am I guaranteed to have leads?

    All of our clients have leads, but anyone guaranteeing leads is lying - The reality is we work with conversion data - we need to work for at least 3 months to find the cheapest lead source and focus there, and scale it.

  • Can you help with SEO?

    Yes, we use the latest tools and techniques for SEO, you can check out our SEO services here.

  • Will you help me with Ad Creatives?

    Yes, our senior UI/UX graphic designers can create ads/banners/videos if needed, there's an additional cost to that, please discuss this with your account manager.

  • How often do you send reports?

    We will send you a DataStudio link so that you can enjoy live reports whenever you want.

  • Why do you use email to communicate?

    It makes our lives easier to CC everyone to keep track of the exchanged information, phone call support does not leave much room for tracing important information when following up on specific topics when multiple parties are involved.

  • How do I get started?

    Simply pick a time for us to meet up on zoom or google meet and we'll get the ball rolling.


Our plans

If your Ad Spend is $1-4,000/month

$800 / month

Best Value
If your Ad Spend is $4,000-8,000/month

$1400 / month

If its More than $8,000/month

15% of Ad Spend